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Economy Model warranty is 5 years
Deluxe Model warranty is 10 years and includes upgraded components, and a Free Preserve it Naturally Book
Excalibur 2400 + 2 Generic Non-Stick Sheets
Excalibur 5 Tray Dehydrator + 2 Generic Non-Stick Sheets
 as low as $154.95
Excalibur 9 tray Dehydrator + 2 Generic Non-Stick Sheets
as low as $184.95



Preserve It Naturally II

This is a complete guide to Food Dehydration.

Buy now for $23.95

ParaFlexx Premium Teflon Sheet - price per sheet

ParaFlexx Ultra Silicone Non-Stick Sheet - price per sheet

The Excalibur Compact Dehydrator sets the industry standard for overall design and value. Pride of workmanship and quality are the trademarks of Excalibur Products, and the dehydrators carry on in this tradition.

Compare these features:


Horizontal airflow helps prevent flavor mixing and allows even drying on all trays — no tray rotation required.


Fold-down/removable door saves counter space and makes cleaning easy; see-through feature allows you to check the food progress without disturbing the dehydration process.


Adjustable thermostat provides precise drying temperature.


Five dishwasher safe trays are equipped with removable inserts —loading and unloading is a snap, and cleanup is easy.


With the individual tray design and large capacity interior, Excalibur dehydrators are truly multi-purpose appliances. Fruit leathers, arts and crafts, flowers, raising bread, making yogurt and many other uses are simple and easy.


E-Z Clean Exterior is easy to maintain and will remain attractive for years.


1 year limited warranty.

Why food dehydration?

Dehydration is simply the process of removing moisture from food by exposing to warm dry air. Drying food is fun, easy, and inexpensive, providing garden fresh flavor all year around.

Drying is easy.

A wide variety of fresh foods can be dried: fruits, vegetables, fish and meats. These foods can be eaten dried for snacks and parties, or reconstituted for cooking and baking. Drying is easier than canning or freezing: you simply wash, slice and load food onto the dehydrator trays. Within hours your foods are dried and ready to eat or store.

Drying can save you money.

Owning an Excalibur dehydrator allows you to purchase and dry foods in peak seasons when prices are lowest — a great savings compared to the high cost of commercially dried products. Best of all, operating a dehydrator costs only pennies a day and dried foods don’t require continual electricity to be maintained as with freezing.

Dried foods taste great and are nutritious.

As food dries, natural food flavors and sugars tend to concentrate —giving dried foods a sweeter and stronger burst of flavor than fresh

foods. Dried foods are nutritious, too! Drying preserves important nutrients that cooking often destroys. And since you don’t add sugar or other additives, dried foods make delicious and healthful snacks for your family.

Dried foods store easily.

Dried foods take up less space than canned or frozen foods because when you remove the moisture, food shrinks in size. They store in any convenient airtight container or bag and are lightweight — just right for lunchboxes, backpacks or camping trips.


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